Iran Chemical Industries Investment Co. (ICIIC) is a leading manufacturer of Normal-Paraffin, Linear Alkyl Benzene (LAB), and Heavy Alkylate (HAB) in the Middle East. ICIIC has captured Iran’s domestic LAB market with more than 80% market share. Its current manufacturing process is based on the UOP’s HF catalyzed alkylation technology.ICIIC is among Iran’s top exporters and has received several prestigious national awards for its sustained commitment to the quality and environment. ICIIC is located in Isfahan, at central Iran, and through its subsidiary (Commercial Port Services Co.) at Bushehr port, in Persian Gulf, has access to world class terminal facilities to deliver its products to regional and global markets. Additionally, ICIIC has loading facilities at its site and exports its products to some of its target markets, such as Turkey and Central Asian countries, using trucks and freight trains.ICIIC is well-known in the world’s LAB market due to its well-established operations, revamped plant, upgraded technology, technical expertise, and skilled manpower. Today, ICIIC is a key player in detergents’ raw material market and seeks new partners in the Middle East, Africa, Europe, and Central Asia to stay ahead of the competition in the future regional and global markets.

The Most Prominent Products

Linear Alkyl Benzene Producer

Linear Alkyl Benzene (LAB) is widely used as primary cleaning agent in household detergents due to its good biodegradability in the environment. LAB is sulfonated at downstream plants to produce Linear Alkyl Benzene Sulfonic Acid (known as LABSA), which is the most cost-effective surfactant available and mainly used in household laundry and cleaning products. A small proportion of LAB is employed in the manufacture of ink, agricultural herbicides, paint industry, and wetting agents.

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Heavy Alkylate (HAB) Producer

Heavy Alkylate (HAB) is a by-product in LAB production process. HAB is a mixture of di-phenyl alkanes and de-alkyl benzene and is mostly used in heat transfer oils, lubricating grease and also industrial detergent. This product shows good insulation properties, high oxidation solubility, and very low pour point.

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Normal-Paraffin (NP) Producer

Normal-Paraffin (with a carbon range of C10-C13) is widely used in Linear Alkyl benzene production process. In addition, it can be used in manufacturing of fatty alcohols (mostly used in production of surfactants), chlorinated paraffin wax, and solvents (with applications in paint and resin industries).

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Special Normal-Paraffin Producer

Special Normal-Paraffin (with a carbon range of C10-C13) contains less than 0.15 wt% Aromatics.

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Manufaturing Process

  • prefractionation Unit
  • Hydrotreating Unit
  • purification Unit
  • Dehydrogenation Unit
  • Alkylation Unit


ISO-9001: 2015

ISO-45001: 2018

ISO-14001: 2015

Research and Development Unit

The company’s investment in chemical industry will save its survival by increasing employee awareness and understanding of the status of innovation, creativity and technological advancement. Continuing production, improving quality, reducing waste and increasing competitive power are in the headline of the company’s research and development goals.

:Our labs include advance devices

Nitrogen And Sulfur Detectors

Gas chromatography (GC)

GC or gas chromatograph is one of the most common laboratory equipment for separating and identifying materials. This method is primarily used to analyze materials that do not decompose in vapor.

Liquid Chromatography (HPLC)

Chromatography consists of two parts of the chromatography, meaning ``color and graph``, which is an indication of the old method of separating the materials based on the color. The equivalent of the Latin words mentioned above is high performance liquid chromatography. Due to the use of high pressure solvents, the term ``high pressure liquid chromatography`` can also be used.

Pilot Research Units

Mass Spectrometry (GC/MS)

A mass spectrometer is a device that converts gaseous molecules into ions and separates them from mass to mass ratio.

Induction plasma (ICP)

The ICP is a spectroscopic technique whose function is based on the spectra of the publication. The ICP device is more sensitive than other similar devices, and offers a more accurate result. The induction pair spectrometer is widely used in materials analysis laboratories, especially for the analysis of heavy metals.


Linear Alkyl Benzene Production (Ton)


Paraffin Generation (Ton)


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