About Us

Iran Chemical Industries Investment Co. (ICIIC) is a leading manufacturer of normal-Paraffin, Linear Alkyl Benzene (LAB), and Heavy Alkylate (HAB) in the Middle East. ICIIC has captured Iran’s domestic LAB market with more than 80% market share. Its current manufacturing process is based on the UOP’s HF catalyzed alkylation technology.ICIIC is among Iran’s top exporters and has received several prestigious national awards for its sustained commitment to the quality and environment. ICIIC is located in Isfahan, at central Iran, and through its subsidiary (Commercial Port Services Co.) at Bushehr port, in Persian Gulf, has access to world class terminal facilities to deliver its products to regional and global markets. Additionally, ICIIC has loading facilities at its site and exports its products to some of its target markets, such as Turkey and Central Asian countries, using trucks and freight trains.

ICIIC is well-known in the world’s LAB market due to its well-established operations, revamped plant, upgraded technology, technical expertise, and skilled manpower. Today, ICIIC is a key player in detergents’ raw material market and seeks new partners in the Middle East, Africa, Europe, and Central Asia to stay ahead of the competition in the future regional and global markets.

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